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For the past 21 years, Mr. Steven K. Bloom has solely practiced criminal law. Over these years, Mr. Bloom has vigorously defended thousands of clients in the criminal court’s system, earning the title of “Orange County’s Criminal & Juvenile Law Expert.Criminal defense attorney Mr. Steven K. Bloom has represented the indigent, school teachers, police officers, doctors, and others. For many, there are no options, they must have their case handled properly or run the risk losing their livelihood. The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom understands this clearly, and works hard in getting the best possible results for all its clients. Mr. Bloom will personally meet with you to discuss your case, in confidence and in detail. Should you decide to hire Mr. Bloom, you will receive unprecedented legal service and the best available outcome for your case. Feel free in contacting attorney Steven K. Bloom for a FREE case evaluation at 714-680-0311.

Client Satisfaction

Receiving excellent results in court for a client is half the battle, client satisfaction encompasses much more. Stress, anxiety, and strong emotions can have a toll on someone accused of a crime. Thus, aside from his aggressive representation, Mr. Steven K. Bloom believes that good communication and customer service can reduce the psychological impact a client faces. Criminal defense attorney Steven K. Bloom is prepared and ready to walk you through these difficult times, together. Here’s what his clients have to say:
  • "Any questions I had he took the time to explain thoroughly in detail. He was always responsive and reachable through phone or email. He fought for my case and received results that would have been unmatchable with any other lawyer."

    A C.
    A C. Orange County, CA
  • "I highly recommend Steve Bloom for anyone looking for a quality criminal defense attorney.  I'm known as a thorough "researcher" by my family and friends and researched most criminal defense attorney's in Orange County when my son got into some trouble with an ex-girlfriend."

    Maureen F.
    Maureen F. Boise, ID
  • "I bumped a car in a parking lot, got out, did not see damage,  left the scene and was charged with a misdemeanor hit and run. I hired Steven Bloom as my attorney, and he was able to have my case dismissed."

    Jose C.
    Jose C. Anaheim, CA
  • "His expertise in law, professionalism, and connections throughout OC is definetly a big plus. I highly recommend Steven if you've fallen into a bit of trouble. It's definitely comforting to know that your lawyer is with you every step of the way. Needless to say, my case has been resolved and I am very happy."

    Melissa B.
    Melissa B. Orange, CA
  • "I cant say enough about  Steven bloom, he has help my family more than once and has done a wonderful job. He sits down with you and goes over every Little detail of the case and is very professional."

    James D.
    James D. Garden Grove, CA
  • "I called Steven Bloom to represent my daughter one day before her arraignment. Not only did he take the case, he used his knowledge of domestic violence and self-defense and miraculously was able to get the case thrown out!"


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Notable Case Results

No matter what the circumstances and dynamics of a criminal case may be, the result consistency of a criminal lawyer is what differentiates one law firm from another. Below are a number of serious criminal cases resolved with a NOT GUILTY plea or jury verdict. The Law Office of Steven K. Bloom is experienced and ready to resolve a client’s case with a favorable outcome.

Domestic Violence

Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney

NOT GUILTY verdict on a charge of domestic violence when a client’s disgruntled wife accused him of burning her with a cigarette. Mr. Bloom voiced his client’s innocence, and the jury agreed.

Sexual Assault / Rape


NOT GUILTY verdict on nine counts of sexual assault, and a complete dismissal of all twelve counts after another three-week-long, intensely litigated trial. The client, who continously voiced his innocence, is now able to look his friends and loved ones in the eye, knowing a jury believed him.

Drunk Driving / DUI / DWI


NOT GUILTY verdict reached for client facing her second DUI with a .11% blood alcohol level. Inconsistent testimony by arresting officer and toxicologist, including an insufficient reason to stop Mr. Bloom’s client ended the 4 day trial in her favor.

Drug Crimes


NOT GUILTY verdict reached after a grueling 1 week trial for drug possession and sales. Client was looking at a 4 year prison term for the underlying charges and was unanimously acquitted by the jury. Client was able to keep his employment and save his home.

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