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Testimonial:  HS 11364, possession of drug paraphernalia offense; 4/20/09

I had never been in legal trouble before and had never needed a criminal defense attorney.  A month after being arrested, I went to court expecting to talk to the Judge or District Attorney and explaining my situation.  In court, the DA did not care what I had to say and just gave me an offer that I did not think was fair and that would have caused me to plead guilty and lose my job.  Luckily, I saw Attorney Steven Bloom in court and ended up hiring him for a reasonable rate.  He worked extremely hard on my case, providing me with a copy of the police report, contacting witnesses and getting their statements and going to court for me almost 10 times while I went to work.  He did all this for a single flat rate that was extremely reasonable. 

On the final court date, I met Mr. Bloom in court as he negotiated with the Deputy District Attorney in the courtroom.  When that DA would not do what Steve thought was best for me, he did stop, quit, or tell me I had to take the deal.  Steve went straight to the DA's Office and came back to court with the DA that is 2nd in command of the entire courthouse!  Steve had taken my misdemeanor case straight to DA Assistant Head of Court and had convinced him to dismiss my case!  I watched as the Head DA told the young DA in the courtroom to dismiss my case.  Not only did the young DA completely dismiss my case that day, he looked completely shocked that Mr. Bloom had such connections in high places and APOLOGIZED TO MR. BLOOM!       

    The best thing that ever happened to me was running into Attorney Steven Bloom in court and hiring him.  He exceeded my expectations and was able to get my case completely dismissed even after countless other, overly eager young DA's had refused to do so.  He never quit even when I know other defense attorneys would have a long time ago.  I highly recommend getting him on your side.  I'm positive that you too, will look at it as one of the best decisions you ever made.

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